eBeam Touch: 4K Multi-Touch Displays

eBeam Touch

All-in-one, multi-touch, 4K, interactive flat screen TV's.

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Hi quality, big screen, interactive displays at the right price.

r-series & p-series

The right display for the right environment. Premium quality interactive TV’s built for toughness and style.


Perhaps your environment needs more. Expand your interactive capabilities.

Marker Pack

Enable whiteboard capture adding a multi-charging cradle plus 4 colored marker sleeves (Black, Red, Blue, Green) to your Edge+ package.

Sensor Mounting Plates

These mounting plates work for both the Smartmarker and Edge+ sensors. They adhere with 3M tape, easily removed and replaced without making a mark.

Edge+ Complete

The full Edge+ wireless package plus the Marker Pack accessory pack giving you interactive whiteboarding and whiteboard capabilities with one device.