Touch model3

65" | 75" | 86"

Multi-touch display technology suited for any environment.

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Schools & Classrooms


Medical Facilities & Laboratories

Conference Rooms

High-contrast, vivid colors, 4K resolution, and fully interactive.

Multi-touch interactive software included.

  • Meeting connect with anyone anywhere
  • 4K graphical assets library included
  • Annotate over any application
  • so much more...

Educate better with the interactive capabilities of eBeam Touch.

Collaborate more effectively

Enhance your lessons

Start a quiz

Keep students engaged

Tech Specs

Built for toughness

65" | 75" | 86"

Large, durable multi-touch IR displays

Extremely responsive

6ms response time

Anti-glare tempered glass with aluminum frame

  • Built-in Android
  • 10 point multi-touch
  • 4K ULTRA HD Resolution
  • Embedded eBeam interactive software
    (Windows multi-touch software included)
  • Real time collaboration

Wall mount or use with our sturdy mobile stand.

US customers can buy directly from Luidia's online webstore.

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Make your space fully interactive.

  • Interactive whiteboarding
  • Pen capture
  • Whiteboard capture


Perhaps your environment needs more. Expand your interactive capabilities.

Marker Pack

Enable whiteboard capture adding a multi-charging cradle plus 4 colored marker sleeves (Black, Red, Blue, Green) to your Edge+ package.

Sensor Mounting Plates

These mounting plates work for both the Smartmarker and Edge+ sensors. They adhere with 3M tape, easily removed and replaced without making a mark.

Edge+ Complete

The full Edge+ wireless package plus the Marker Pack accessory pack giving you interactive whiteboarding and whiteboard capabilities with one device.