Case Study

eBeam Edge+ & Holberton School

A new style of coding school in San Francisco.

..sometimes they are working remotely and they want to exchange with student data on site.
we are using a ebeam like on the daily  basis. just because the way we are teaching computer science software engineering. It's really related to the whiteboarding sessions where whiteboarding going on all day long so the ebeam is part of each of them.

.. now I can record things I can go back remove some parts of my code I';m still working with a whiteboard but I can keep a history and track record of what I was doing in that whole session.

..this is the way that I use it is mostly for myself I do a lot of side projects so what I'm gonna try and figure things out I use the ebeam marker to send them to my Dropbox so that way I have a copy of my code,

It's  so responsive and there's no  lag or errors. I'm happy with the system. that's great.