Case Study

Clarkston Junior High

Sharing Your Lessons and Archiving Them

Clarkston Junior High

When Clarkston Junior High saw Luidia’s eBeam systems in action at a technology conference, they recognized right away its tremendous potential for increasing classroom interactivity and saving precious district dollars. At about half the price of a traditional electronic whiteboard, eBeam systems could be placed into twice as many classrooms and offer the crucial portability not possible with a whiteboard.

Jeffrey Peariso, a math teacher, uses eBeam on a daily basis to record and save lessons for later class periods, to add to his professional eportfolio, and to email out to students as a study tool to reinforce skills. And by pairing eBeam with Skype or Google Hangout, Peariso can create a flipped classroom option, with audio and video demonstrations of him explaining math concepts and working through problems.

Two years into integrating the eBeam Edge into classes across the district, including his own eighth- and ninth-grade Algebra and Statistics courses, Peariso says there have been unexpected ripple effects far exceeding the benefits he’d imagined. “The eBeam Edge has opened up a whole new world of opportunities to reinforce and extend learning not just for homebound or absent students but for all students at every grade level,” he says.