Case Study

San Mateo-Foster City School District

Reliable Cost-Effective Technology

San Mateo-Foster City School District

One of San Mateo Foster City School District’s main goals is to prepare all students for success using a rigorous, standards-based curriculum. An engaging learning environment with a reliable technology infrastructure is the key to this mission. With this in mind, Technology Facilitator Jared Prolo selected eBeam system’s for its fast, easy installation process and intuitive software interface that allowed teachers to start utilizing it immediately.

Teachers and students began using eBeam technology on a daily basis and have been enthusiastic about their experience. The eBeam Education Suite has helped teachers incorporate a range of interactive tools, such as Flickr’s image library, into their lesson plans with minimal training. “The intuitive interface and tool’s ability to be used effectively in many applications has allowed us to focus more on curriculum and professional development, rather than technical training,” Prolo added.

Teachers have developed their own uses for eBeam technology depending on

the subjects they teach. One 8th grade algebra teacher uses the technology to engage students at the board solving the daily math problem; language teachers use the digital mouse functionality to incorporate video and audio recordings during the lesson; many teachers use the interactive stylus and receiver to manipulate text and diagrams during lessons, and to save recordings of classes on SchoolLoop for absent students to view later at home. This archiving process also allows parents of students to view daily lessons and stay engaged in the curriculum. Across the board, teachers report increased student engagement and use of multimedia tools in lessons.