Case Study

Brockenhurts College

Enriched Lessons with Interactive Elements

Brockenhurts college

Lecturers at Brock use the eBeam system across a range of subjects, including Geography, Math and Spanish. Hazel Ruck teaches Spanish at Brockenhurst College in the south of England. The college serves approximately 3,000 full-time students (aged 16 to 18), along with roughly 8,000 part-time adult learners.

Pre-eBeam, Ruck thinks back to the tedious routine, day in, day out, when she used a regular whiteboard: “You’d fill up the board with writing and then wipe the board down,” recounts Ruck. “The number of times you have to wipe things off––all that erasing, and students waiting, [it] takes time.” With the eBeam Software Tools, this annoyance disappeared: Ruck appreciates how easy it is to clear the whiteboard without losing any of the content––all it takes is a quick click.

Ruck values how easy it is to get started with eBeam in the first place, simply by using your normal whiteboard in conjunction with the product’s accessories. “I like the fact that [eBeam] lets you carry on the way you’ve always taught, and it enhances your teaching,” says Ruck. “You use what you’ve got, and it doesn’t require a new way of teaching or specially-prepared resources. That’s the beauty of eBeam.” Ruck explains how eBeam enriches her lessons, making student learning more interactive. “When I use PowerPoint presentations, for example, I can write on top of the slides, and then insert blank pages to gather ideas or brainstorm with students,” she says. Using eBeam’s software, Ruck can capture the documents and upload them to Brock’s web portal. (This is handy for students who were absent or who need to recap.)

After integrating eBeam into her teaching for one academic year now, Ruck realizes that she couldn’t go back. The same goes for her colleagues who also use eBeam. “For those of us who use it, we love it,” she says. Ruck reports that there is currently a waiting list of staff members who really want eBeam.