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eBeam Edge for a limited time at the lowest price ever!

Look Familiar?

For a limited time only, Luidia is re-releasing to our customers the eBeam Edge, a teacher favorite!

This hardware will work with our newest software (Interactive Suite 3.6) and will be supported by any future software updates. Not to mention, the Edge also comes with a 2-year warranty!

We understand that interactivity can be expensive, but that doesn't mean it should be impossible. With this low cost option, teachers can provide students with the great quality of learning!

AND!... If you've previously purchased our Edge products before, now is the chance to buy them at the lowest possible price!

eBeam Edge Wireless

Is your computer too far from your display area? Not a problem! Ask us about the eBeam Edge Wireless for only $299!

eBeam Edge USB

Not planning on taking your eBeam Edge off the board? That's great! The Edge USB is perfect for stationary positions and only $239!

Wireless Keyboard with touchpad Only +$10!

If you buy with a eBeam wireless keyboard,

Only $10  More!!

Wireless Keyboard only --> $15!!

Ready to place an order?

Call us at 650-413-7545!