Case Study

Arkansas Baptist School

Driving Up Student Participation

Arkansas Baptist School

Arkansas Baptist School is located in Little Rock, the capital city of America’s official “Natural State.” The school focuses on four key areas: academics, missions, environment and technology. When the time came for Arkansas Baptist School to adopt interactive whiteboard technology, the school’s tech team, along with the Headmaster, researched all the available solutions in the marketplace.

The school chose eBeam for a number of reasons, reports Amy Somers, the school’s Coordinator of Curriculum, Academics and Technology Integration. The school was impressed by eBeam’s versatility, as teachers already had “thousands” of existing resources, and they used all different kinds of software. “I haven’t found one thing that doesn’t work with eBeam,” adds Somers. “This is a big seller to our teachers.”

5th grade teacher Claire Watson remembers life before eBeam: “One of the challenges was keeping students’ attention,” says Watson. “With eBeam, students are engaged and enthusiastic about learning.” Watson uses eBeam in every subject she teaches, including Bible, Language, History, Science and Math.

Another subject, which takes on a new dimension with eBeam, is History: Using the eBeam Interactive Stylus, the class labels maps–– and the students love to take turns changing the colors. Thanks to eBeam, says Watson, the ability to move objects around on the board––and manipulate them––helps students learn. “The lessons are not boring anymore,” she says. “[eBeam] brings the material to life!”