Case Study

Radnor Township School District

Professional Development Enhancement

Radnor Township School District

As the Supervisor of Instruction for the Radnor Township School District, Joseph Cannella is responsible for developing curricula for teachers—“I run training sessions, and show teachers how to accomplish tasks online,” says Cannella. Before purchasing the eBeam Edge, Canella spent most of his presentations behind a laptop, demonstrating websites and clicking through slideshows, unable to face his audience and provide compelling instruction. Now he is able to present his lesson plans facing the audience and engaging them in the websites he proposes.

Cannella also finds that his eBeam system changes the way in which he engages his audiences in presentations, by allowing him to demonstrate the material’s impact in the classroom. “If I’m demonstrating a website, for example, I can more authentically demonstrate the interactivity of the website as opposed to being in the back tethered to the laptop. It really adds a level of credibility to the professional development that I’m doing.”

Audiences of Canella’s presentations, he says, react to his eBeam system with “shock and awe.” Teachers and administrators are impressed by his ability to have an interactive conference room wherever and whenever he wants, and for a fraction of the price of other interactive whiteboard systems.