Case Study

Arlington Middle School

Supporting Diverse Learning Styles

Arlington Middle School

Arlington Middle School decided to use eBeam systems after comparing the available interactive whiteboard options. Jeff Caswell, a math teacher at the school, faced the challenge of having large math classes, with diverse backgrounds, learning styles, and needs. “Learning styles, interests and backgrounds differ greatly from one of my students to the next,” explains Caswell. “As a teacher, it’s my goal to level the playing field, and my eBeam system allows me to do that. I can use numerous resources to ensure that each lesson is customized and contextualized for all of my unique learners.”

During Caswell’s math lessons, visual learners benefit from instructions that are color-coded to match the steps as he models problem-solving techniques. While auditory learners absorb his lecture, kinesthetic learners are at the board dragging numbers and mathematical functions into the appropriate equations.

Caswell’s favorite eBeam feature is the record button located on the eBeam Tool Palette. This allows him to record everything happening on the board, including annotations, sequence of events and even what he is saying. These recordings are then uploaded and shared.