Case Study

St. Joseph's Academy

Dynamic Lessons and Enhanced Participation

St. Joseph’s Academy

St. Joseph’s Academy is an all-girls college-preparatory school in the suburbs of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The Academy is committed to integrating technology into the curriculum. The school provides tablets, wireless networking and email to all students and teachers. St. Joseph’s Academy was led to eBeam because staff wanted to use existing whiteboards––as opposed to buying and mounting special boards or other equipment.

Before eBeam entered their classrooms, Carrillo, a faculty member at the Academy, remembers that her presentation equipment was limited to a projector. “Although I ran

a paperless English classroom, I found this presentation method to

be cumbersome.” She upgraded to a flat screen projector, which was a significant improvement. But for Carrillo, this setup still lacked interaction and spontaneity. “When eBeam was introduced, I was very excited,” she recalls. “Now, I have the capability to interact rather than simply present!”

As an effective teaching tool at the Academy, eBeam lets teachers make lectures, documents and PowerPoint presentations more visual, by incorporating graphics or freehand illustrations into the content. Teachers appreciate the classroom freedom that eBeam delivers: They can click through slideshows created in PowerPoint or the cloud-based Prezi—away from their computers—using the eBeam Interactive Stylus at the board.