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eBeam Keyboard App

A Smartphone and tablet keyboard for the eBeam Smartpen

Write your messages in any app naturally with the eBeam Keyboard app.

Coming soon for Android and iOS devices.

eBeam Smartpen

NEW Case Study Released

eBeam Edge+ & Holberton School

A new style of coding school in San Francisco.

eBeam Touch

A multi-touch display for your interactive needs.
Interactive Whiteboarding

The most versatile interactive whiteboard device on the market for use with any regular projection or flatscreen television.

4K Multi-Touch Display

An all-in-one 10 point multi-touch 4K Display giving you a total interactive solution for your conference room or class room.

Fully Mobile Whiteboard Capture

Your brilliant ideas are too genius to lose. Capture and stream all of your whiteboard writing so you and your team stay connected.

Pen & Paper Capture

Capture everything you write using real ink on any paper or use it as a stylus for all of your digital communication needs.

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