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Make your writing digitally connected so you can share, organize, and edit with ease. No matter where you are, you have the ability to connect anyone to your writing so they can watch in real-time using their mobile or desktop devices.

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Introducing our line of portable devices so you can capture, organize, and share everything you write, no matter where you are.

eBeam Smartmarker

The latest and most advanced whiteboard capture product for any whiteboard surface.

eBeam Edge+

Powerful interactive whiteboarding on any flatscreen tv or projection.

Equil Smartpen2

Save, organize, stream and edit everything you write on any paper.

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Introducing the new


Connect anyone to your whiteboard notes no matter where they are. With an easy connection, streamlined UI, and huge capture area, the eBeam Smartmarker is the latest and most advanced whiteboard capture product on the market.

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Download the eBeam Marker companion app.

Simple and streamlined UI and UX. Connect to your Smartmarker with a click of a button. Start and join remote meetings to connect your colleagues to your writing. Edit, organize, and share your whiteboard notes. Even convert handwriting to text.

Product Comparison Chart


Product Comparison Chart


2 styluses

LCD/LED bracket

USB cable

2 mounting plates

Fully Wireless

Wireless dongle(Win computers)

Marker Pack
(4 Digital Markers
Multi-charge Cradle)


Primary Software

Interactive Suite 3.5:

Tool Palette

Interactive Suite 3.5:

Tool Palette

Interactive Suite 3.5:

Tool Palette


Make your surface smart.

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